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Our mission is to help our guests and partners feel and experience the love of God by providing a true and authentic welcome into the house of the Lord. 


Duties of the Greeters/Hospitality Team


  • Be alert to the needs of the church and the needs of all who enter. 

  • Show love to everyone. When appropriate we will hug and embrace everyone with the love of Christ. We won’t be pushy but will make sure we leave them feeling like they want to come back. 

  • Greeters will wear badges that include names so they are easily identified and will also introduce themselves to visitors. This makes for a more personal experience. 

  • Coordinate activities that involve hospitality and care i.e. feminine hygiene products, first aid items, safety pins, cough drops, mints. (I will gather items that may be needed and keep a container at church)

  • Create and manage communication materials for first-time visitors. 

  • We need to give something to our visitors as a thank you for coming or something to remember their experience. For example, we could give them a gift bag that includes one of the Breathe cards that we have, a pen with the church logo on it, peppermint, and a small note pad or something similar. 

  • Make sure everyone can locate the sanctuary and restrooms. We will be available to assist during our services. 

  • Take care of visitors especially repeat visitors who are still dating the church.

  • Implement a system or method to retrieve and maintain contact information.

  • Assist with refreshments for socials and other events. 

  • Assist with gifts for Pastors and staff.  

  • Overall our goal is to show love to everyone who enters our church and anytime we represent Breathe Atl. 

*Please note this is a short description of our Greeters and Hospitality ministry. We are preparing to assist whenever and wherever we are needed in the church.

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