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Breathe Experience is one of the most important areas of the church. Our main objective is to provide an unforgettable experience for our partners and visitors.  We want everyone to feel loved with every encounter. If you join any ministry listed below, we ask that you at least serve once a month. Serving in these areas requires one to be alert to the needs of the church and all who enter. 


Greeters - This ministry is very important. As a greeter, you must display the heart of our Pastors at all times. Greeters will serve our partners and guest from the moment they arrive in the parking lot and throughout the service. We serve willingly and with a friendly smile. We welcome and embrace everyone who enters the building. We also have signs that we hold as we greet everyone as they enter. We are also standing by during service to assist when needed. We believe in always making a great first impression.


Hospitality - Assist in the snack bar area, we make sure snacks are refilled weekly, set up and manage green room experiences and assist with socials and other events when needed.


Facilities(Lobby and Seating, Restrooms) - Assist with cleaning the church on a routine basis preferably weekly to make sure the church is clean before service, also disinfect all areas before and after service, we also open the curtains at the beginning and close them at the end of each service. 


Parking Lot - Monitor parking lot periodically, Reserve parking for guests and Pastors as needed


Volunteers - Assist at events as needed. You are welcomed to serve as a volunteer in any area of the church. 

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