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  • Antonio Cunningham

  • Muna Hiluf

Sit and Serve

  • Completion of New Members orientation

  • Two Months of  consecutive rehearsals ( no exceptions )

  • Vocal Assessment


Financial Obligations

  • Tithe to Breathe Church

  • Attire for Sunday

  • $5 monthly seed that goes toward refreshments on Sundays (optional).



  • Rehearsals are held every other Saturday night between 6 pm - 9 pm

  • Rehearsals are NOT mandatory, please be advised if you do not attend rehearsal it does not reflect on your ability to sing Sunday. HOWEVER, the material must be learned and executed in soundcheck otherwise you will be asked to sit out. 

  • Sunday Call time is 4:30 pm no later than 4:40 pm

  • Rehearsals are conducted with a very intense work ethic as we believe in maximizing on every minute allowed for rehearsal. 

  • Songs are normally given ahead of time and it is the expectation and requirement that each partner comes to rehearsal prepared and familiar with all material. 

  • Each partner is expected to bring their own recording device.



  • GroupMe:  The majority of communication will be communicated within the smartphone app “GroupMe.”  Through GroupMe, we will communicate—

    • Weekly updates on music material, travel plans, lyrics, and Sunday uniforms. 

    • For questions or comments, we expect you to send a direct message to Antonio or Muna.

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